Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year 2011

New Year , New Life , New People, New things Hope everything come as NEW and Bright..!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Emotions ..what are they ?

Why mother feels pain when her kid cries ?
Why father feels pain when his kid falls?
Why does the heart aches when his/her love leaves them?
Why does a friend feels for someone ?

What is behind all these ? Is that is the affection or love or any other term which can be portrayed as EMOTION causing this? Who will answer these questions ? I am having a very good/bad ( not able to decide ) dream i usually get all the day ( this is little weird ha ha ha ) why the GOD one day can come & sit us on a bench in the park with us and have a discussion . Don't know whether he could have come as friend , mother, father one day and would have suggested some good , if that happened how should i recognize him ? or should i recognize him by implementing his suggestion . Sometimes i do feel why on earth such a busy person taking care of this many creatures will come for such a small minute creature we are & that for such a small problems we humans face.

How are these emotions are displayed ? when we cry , when we laugh, when we are angry . How should one can recognize the tears caused, does these tears get dried just imagine the eyes & heart without tears it should be like DESERT without rain. just imagine him/her without laugh it should be like no moon on full-moon day. Just imagine him/her without anger that should be like cold breeze after a big cyclone . All in our life we adjust to somethings for some we don't that means does that point of adjusting is pulling us down . Human life is lot like a book each line is a each incident each page is one person by that time we understand one another comes by and by the time we try to complete the book life will be over ( pat on my shoulder wah wah ) .

Persons we meet in this tiny life is like passing trees when we are travelling some seems to be interesting some are good from far some are like oh lets pass it ..! some are like cut them off rite away. Closers ones always cause emotions , the persons we feel closer also cause emotion it all depends on how those are shown . I always feel very bad and waste my all the time when i felt wrong for someone i always try to correct them also am not trying to be good Samaritan here if anyone finds any wrong in me which am not able to see it please show me rite away . Guys please take the good when someone tries to correct you , please don't start thinking in wrong mode immediately when someone says correction to you. The small misunderstandings seen in a broader view always cause a unnecessary things which again you will be wasting time on it.
Always feel to write more but don't know sometimes stocking all the emotions will give you more energy to write more & more in future.

Lets never hide our emotions ( that doesn't mean cry-out in front of everyone, laugh unnecessarily and show angry on someone without a reason ( never do this for silly ones) ) , i think you are all understanding what am saying r8 if not also its OKAY :-)
... Bye for now

Monday, August 3, 2009

Katradhu Thamizh or Thamizh M.A.

Movie : Katradhu Thamizh or Thamizh M.A.
Cast: Jeeva, Anjali
Music Direction: Yuvan Shankarraaja
Direction: Ram
Genre: Social, Romance

Before i introduce to this master stroke i want to applause and give standing ovation to the each & every one participated in this amazing product from tamil cinema.

Synopsis: View of each & every person in the world you are betrayed by fate and yourselves, with waffer thin line love which haunts till you die.

My Eye:
Guy z believe me never in my 27 Yrs of life saw a such nude & transparent movie of love to one and also to the pain caused by a fate. The protagonist prabha( Sweetly called by every one) is a fun loving boy with parents, love of his life anandhi in the hills of kerala, they both are attached to each other. The D-Day arrives when all of prabha's family are lost except his father who was a army man in one accident. Prabha leaves his both anandam(happiness) and anandhi and moves to hostel but never forgets anandhi. Here itself he decides he will move his life as Tamil teacher which he achieves meanwhile the life of anandhi gets shattered with her father's accident, they will meet again as teens where the blossom of love starts.
During this period all his efforts to get his girl,the consequences he faced from the people to reach his self-satisfaction of life is shown in brilliant manner, especially i can't stop mentioning about the music of this movie the Y S Raaja's best music so far the song when hero reaches to the Maharashtra is mind blowing. The way the present joblessness of poor Tamil teachers and the people who can't afford to eat shown is presented in very touching . Please get this original DVD watch it for more & more

My Heart tells: Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee watch this master stroke .... amazing movie ...amazing poetic presentaion of persons love to whom he loved

Is it Eye or Heart?

Is it eye or heart that we see ? Can we tell or classify or differentiate the things we see are seen by either eyes or heart. Do they contradict each other or compliment each other?. When we see things how should we know which one is selected ...? coz though you see with eye some respond with the heart , if we see with heart they see with eye. How should one feel the vision plays such a drastic role of things we see, when we see with heart i doubt one can stare to see into others eyes and watching into each other eyes is tough ( so easy they show in movies...try to stare ) . When u have pain we say tears come out of pain, when heart get hurts does tears come out ...don't know how many gets like can same eyes of many people feel the same when one sees the same object... how this is happening....i believe this causes lot of pain if it is thought in both ends, one can't justify themselves with the decision both eyes and heart makes.
Why sometimes when we see with our eyes through heart aches if the people u like/love are going faraway ..... the same when u know that he/she is not yours. How can once heart or eyes confirm that the beauty/content/thing/object we see is responding to you. A human can reply you back how about others .... i think those things are meant to be felt not to be shown. When one feels pain we can see tears in once eyes but how can we show the bleed of blood tears when once heart aches with the pain caused to it . Do we have strength to control any of u have... i doubt myself sometimes may otherwise may not . There are many instances i felt both my eyes and heart filled with joy and happy sometimes and also the same instances caused me pain, does the same happen with everyone, i always feel that someone should strive to take away someones pain and make them more happier than you ever.Eyes and heart they give you everything pain & joy, tears & bleed. Feel for someone , making someone happy,making someone cry for you and viceversa done to you.
Hope someday we see things or mold them as we like ( which is very tough one). The day when someone or many peoples eyes cry and their heart aches for you forever and ever. Can we say whether it is eye or heart we see the things.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

A day as Yourselves

Will there be a day a human can be him selves ? Will it be there ......... In the way he want to be , in the things he liked to do , in the way he wants other to be, in the way the he wants time to be in every way he thought it is there . Here arises a question is that one will be on positive side or the negative i prefer positive coz when i say a human can be as he is i feel that should be happier one not the one which keeps or throw away the situations into jeopardy .

Shall we try to be like that not getting any wrong thoughts, wrong doings , wrong executions Etc., can we be like that , i doubt it coz there may be situation we encounter that puts us or make us to do wrong which is not helping one... is there any way we can avoid it i don't think so . If everything is correct then there is wrong going somewhere is that what i feel in the daily routine of ours. How many people are being like the same i agree that including me none of us are being like the way we want i forgot to a mention a point there are some people who intentionally does not want to be like that coz might be the fear of others turning them like others or the for personal reasons they don't want to disclose them like the way they want to be . I knew a story read in some book a shorter one a guy who is so charming,well educated,with good life going on respects his god,parents,friends etc., he is so likable that others when they start talking to him they feel that boy.... this guy is something i better be good with him or be friendly with him or any positive good relation they want to be with him. May be he is the one above am talking about, after his studies he joins a job which starts in very dull phase and he will still trying to scroll the ladder as every one does with attitude as he always has. One day he gets a very good job which shows his ability to others about his work.
He joins he spells his magic on all the people every one are friendly with him things are doing one day a spark shocks him that is what it does to every one a girl comes into his life then he shattered all his qualities instead of thinking of being himself he started thinking selfishly the circumstances leaded him are he had a talk to her for hours and hours which lead to him a conclusion his dream & perfect girl. There comes a shocker that she is engaged to someone there comes entry of a another version of a human who starts behaving in the selfish manner, first one is the way he used to be sharing everything stopped it started thinking in another manner and worse of it is that he is not able to be the way he used to be . One day he will come to know how heartfully she is in love with that other person, he starts moving far far far away from every one and he goes off some day leaving that place in search of his missing soul of being he was before.. he thinks of disclosing himself to her but every time the situation arises which explains the way she is loving that person and also as happens to everyone the result of talk which made him to suppress everything.... he goes away leaving every concludes the story in this way it is just a small example of how situation or person changes the state of life.........
hope we will someday see being everyone as them selves....
GOD bless us all...........

Friday, February 27, 2009

India @ Oscars

Its been quite long time i wrote blog , this week is so scented breezing wind coz two people made difference from all the remaining showcasing INDIA on the world map as give us chance we will let u know what we are capable of ( Will discuss this below why i made this statement).

The 2 people are Mr.Resul Pookutty & none other than our A R Rehman . If you observe the journey of these people to winning one of the worlds best award in genre of Cinema it is more not at all a roller coster ride.
As far as i know that Mr. Resul has come from very poor background, just imagine a person who used to walk some miles to reach school now is capable of move any part of the world. A R Rehman on other part though his father tried to make a recognisition in film industry thru his music might be proud ( may be more than that) now what his son achieved ..( not at all joke of receiving all the best awards in same Year Golden Globe,BAFTA & Oscars) . In my view if rehman's music was international at the start of his first movie ROJA,BOMBAY etc., just think how many awards he would have achived by this time. On other hand just check the sounds designed by the resul for movies blac, musafir etc., how beautiful they are presented . They are PhDs on their own talent.

And the people who are criticising these masters should must think of their uninspiring comments to the people coz when there is an encouragement of our talent on worldwide platform and when we proved our selves first time then what is the point in making such unbalanced , uninspiring, unknowledgble comments to the people whon always encourage and stand by the people who prove themselves . I agree that though slumdog millionaire was of foreign production we need to utilise this flowered pathway also a red carpet put on by one of the best masters of india to prove oursleves in more broader way. I watch all kind of cinemas from all the corners though there is lot of song & dance in our movies why our directors or producers doesn't make any good product which can appeal to all the audiences i mean when i am not criticising our cinema but i think that cinema is a media where we can picture our thoughts,traditions etc., in more effecient way
that should be presented in more understanding manner as the peoples idea to our type of traditions is different.

Atleast now our Indian film makers,critics should think of presenting their products which can appealing to all corners of the world instead of sticking to some % of people . I firmly believe that if have trust & love in ourselves,people around you & the product you are making then the result you receive must be more than any award.

Last but not least Mr.Resul Pookutty & Mr. A.R.Rehman & Gulzar (apology for not mentioning the most respectable,adorable & likeble poets our time) making us all indians more proud that we just simply announced " Yeah World listen we are best at technolog, following traditions, loving people & now we are coming soon to entertain you in our own world of colors thru our best media ever cinema .."

"All my life i had a choice of hate & love ... i choose Love & am here" - A R Rahman @ Oscars

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Daisy(2006)- A MUST watch

Movie Name: Deiji (Daisy) ; South Korean Movie
Cast : Jeong Woo-seong, Jeon Ji-hyeon, Lee Seong-jae, Cheon Ho-jin
Director : Andrew Lau

Plot: A girl, a gangster, a detective and love.

My View: This will be my all-time loving picture ever. I watched it almost 2 1/2 Years ago

Movie starts with a heroine receiving daily a pot of daisy flowers in front of her door. She is also a painter at the tourist circle, she is always watched by a gangster , days will be moving on and suddenly one day a detective shows up having a pot of daisies , she will be surprised seeing them in his hand even detective likes her they will start a new life now... watching all this gangster will be at first gets angry later he comes to know that he is very good one .....

Here you need to check for how gangster,detective,girl & daisies are related... This movie has excellent technical work in all departments music,photography,editing... you name it it has that ...Casting all the lead actor performance are top notch...

Please go & watch this one of the best romantic movie ever............................